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“For where the eye of the heart is, there is the treasure”

– from the Gospel of Mary (2nd Century) – banned, buried, and rediscovered
“a provocative, immersive theatrical experience”
– MorristownGreen.com
“Its ending, with poetry and dancing celebrating Magdalene as a Goddess, had an urgency and a looseness that suggested that what is won by all this questioning is a form of freedom.
It was a truly grand finale”
– Jay Lustig, NJarts.net 
“The work… is the result of deep research and cultural archeology. Reflecting upon and interpreting the myriad, oftentimes conflicting, depictions of [Mary Magdalene’s] life takes us on a journey of self discovery, through histories of art, music, theatre, culture, and religion.”
– Curator’s note by Brett Wellman Messenger, Curatorial Director, Morris Museum Live Arts