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Perks include:

recorded sound from Mary Magdalene’s cave at Ste Baume (for meditation)

access to streaming the full performance (if you can’t join us in person!)

Private Magdalene Moon Circle for you and your friends


from Sylvia Milo and Nathan Davis,
the award-winning creators of “The Other Mozart”:

Silenced as an apostle and framed as a prostitute, Mary Magdalene’s character and story were manipulated in order to undermine women’s leadership centuries ago. Its effects still shape our reality today.

“Magdalene: I am the utterance of my name” is a work of music-theater that illuminates the myths, beliefs and contradictions that have surrounded Mary Magdalene for over 2000 years. Drawing from ancient texts, artworks, and contemporary writings, the piece centers the revolutionary message from her banned and buried “Gospel of Mary Magdalene”, lost for centuries.

Equal parts theater and ritual, “Magdalene: I am the utterance of my name” is a transformative and spiritual experience that wrestles with flawed histories in an attempt to reach true transcendence.

“For where the eye of the heart is, there is the treasure”

– from the Gospel of Mary (2nd Century) – banned, buried, and rediscovered

“…the production is unlike any play I have experienced…a celestial celebration…soul-stirring scenes…spellbinding and mystical”

– Victoria L. Dammer, Opening Night (NYC)

“It was profound to get to experience so much of what has consumed my life on stage and in such a stunning mix of performance and direct experience. I send you a bouquet of red roses.”

– Meggan Watterson, author of Wall Street Journal bestseller “Mary Magdalene Revealed”

a provocative, immersive theatrical experience
– MorristownGreen.com

“Its ending, with poetry and dancing celebrating Magdalene as a Goddess, had an urgency and a looseness that suggested that what is won by all this questioning is a form of freedom.
It was a truly grand finale
– Jay Lustig, NJarts.net 

“The work… is the result of deep research and cultural archeology. Reflecting upon and interpreting the myriad, oftentimes conflicting, depictions of [Mary Magdalene’s] life takes us on a journey of self discovery, through histories of art, music, theatre, culture, and religion.”
– Curator’s note by Brett Wellman Messenger, Curatorial Director, Morris Museum Live Arts